Farm Life Camp



Farm Life Camp 

Ages 5-10

July 19th-22nd

August 9th-12th

9:00-3:00 pm M-Th


Join in the playful antics of the barnyard, where chicken and ducks, pigs, sheep, and goats await your friendly presence. Graze alongside in the nearby garden, helping to grow and harvest food and herbs for our snacks and potions. Build lasting friendships with other campers as you work and play milking, feeding, walking, gathering, and cleaning the farm animals.

There will be time to help with various projects on the farm. Projects may include, harvesting apples, building play structures for goats, or making a garden trellis. We will do many farm-based crafts that may include goat’s milk, beeswax, blackberries, nettle, and wool. Our days will begin and end with games and “Everyday Magic”.