Raven Camp

Boys, Ages 11-15 

Raven Camp

Boys, Ages 11-15 (Maximum 16 campers)

M-Thu 9:00-4:00

July 27-30th


Like Raven, who embodies elements of mischievousness and curiosity this camp will provide activities that strengthen the will and build self-confidence during a time when bodies are changing and in need of great movement. 

Challenging and rewarding adventures in nature abound. We will learn basic blacksmith forging and woodworking skills. We will also learn rope tying, basic outdoor survival skills, archery, shelter building and how to haul and lash logs. We will roll and wrestle in the mud, and engage in other meaningful challenge games. We will swim at the lake as well  as hike down to Double Bluff Beach for an afternoon at the ocean. After sharing stories and cooking around a campfire. We will sleep in our shelters and chill-out in our forest hammocks. Come create lasting friendships and feel proud of your accomplishments. (Thursday night overnight has been canceled due to COVID-19. Camp will run Monday through Thursday)