The Mystery and Mythology of Metal Work  w/ Phil Stringer

Two Days, July 2-3,  Ages 11-14 yrs.  M-T 10-3:00   $100.00

Two Days, August 27-28    11-14         M-T 10-3:00   $100.00

In this two-day workshop, the participant will have the choice of several projects in which to learn blacksmithing basics. We will have available forges, hammers, anvils and other tooling to explore the plasticity of iron.Through storytelling, the mythology of blacksmithing and its importance in history will also be shared.

Song Writer For Teens w/ Havilah

Two days, 5 hours 10-3pm $195 teens 13+ age August 13-14th

Farm-To-Table Cooking Workshop  w/ Nicole Whittington

Three Days, August 15-17: Ages 13-17yrs    W-F 9am-3pm  $225

Farm-To-Table Cooking Workshop w/ Nicole Whittington

Three Days,August 29-31: Ages 8-12yrs       W-F  9:30am-2:30pm  $225

Lotion and Potion Workshop w/ Anne Petersen  

Let us dive into the alchemy of herbs, oils and fragrance. Come create your own body products, using harvested flowers from the farm, milk from our goats, and honey from local bees.

Two Days, August 27-28th    M-T Ages 8-12  10-2pm   $150

Two Days, August 30-31      Th-F Ages13-15 10-2pm     $150