Welcome to Full Moon Rising Farm

Summer Camps on Whidbey Island

2024 CAMP Registration is now open!

Our Approach

Art, nature, storytelling, wood carving, gardening, yoga, blacksmithing, games, and so much more, all come together to teach the value of the environment, the impact of food choices, stewardship of the land, and kinship with animals.

What we do and


We welcome the year 2024 with a deep commitment to provide enriching programs that engage children in sensory exploration of the earth. Our aim is to create lasting memories that trigger a sense of pure joy in nature.

We know first-hand children have an instinctual sense of place in the natural world. Their capacity to care for and nurture living creatures and plants is immense. As their senses are heightened a wellspring of creativity is revealed and a desire to make and do things becomes contagious. 

Our camps provide children this kind of space to be themselves and to be a part of something greater than themselves. We thank you for joining us here, and may you be touched by its magic too.

Our Community

We bring new type of magic and fun to summer camps


"A terrific camp that reminds me of my own childhood camp experiences - lots of time outside, getting dirty, making new friends. My kids loved everything from playing in the woods to feeding the farm animals to eating goat's milk ice cream they helped make. Highly recommended!"

Janet B.

"Coyote Camp is always a blast! Kids love the adventure, the hikes, archery, games, stories, wood carving, crafts, arts and so much more!"

Sage M.

"My son was so energized by what he was learning and doing all week. Not one for crafts he was thrilled to use items in nature to create useful items and, yes, crafts! He came home with more confidence, a greater love and respect for the great outdoors/nature and the reminder that being dirty is fun!"

Angela O.
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