Welcome to Raven’s Nest. Here you will find camps and workshops for ages 10-15. Children blossom in nature and benefit greatly by learning functional arts. Nature and craft foster sustainable living practices. These programs will engage all senses, teach some self-sufficient skills, and above all be fun!

Firefly Photography Camp

Best for Ages: 10-14yo

July 10th-13th, 10:00-3:00pm

Program Fees: $425 plus $40 material fee

Instructor: Leigha Smith

Come discover the magic of photography in our latest camp offering. Campers will learn about composition, light, texture, and more. Each camper will explore these elements through a series of freeform photography assignments that tell stories about the farm and nature. Campers will learn to think and discuss images as a photographer, giving encouraging observations and feedback to one another. The week will end with a celebration of images: each camper showcasing their portfolio.

Crafty Crow Camp

Best for Ages: 10-14yo

August 7th-10th, 10:00-3:00

Program Fees: $425

Instructor: Linnane Armstrong

In harmony with the creative, playful, and curious mind of the crow, come join us for fun, nature-based arts and crafts. Projects may include tie-dye, macrame, nature journaling, and nature printing. There will be plenty of time for exploring the magical spaces of the farm, animals, and hiking down to Double Bluff beach.

Blacksmithing Workshop

Best for Ages: 11-15yo

July 11th-12th
July 18th-19th


Program Fees: $145

Instructor: Phil Stringer

In this two-day workshop participants will learn basic blacksmithing through a project of their choice. We will have forges, hammers, anvils and other tools to explore the plasticity of iron. Take home functional art made by you!

Leather Craft Workshop

Best for Ages: 11-15yo

July 18th-19th, 12:30-3:00pm

Program Fees: $185

Instructor: Sawyer Mauk

Join us on the farm for two days of leather crafting. Students will learn the fundamentals of leather craft, and the foundational skills needed to create with leather in the future. Projects may include bookmarks, bracelets, pouches, knife sheaths, and more.

Woodblock Printmaking Workshop

Best for Ages: 11-15yo

August 14-17, 10am-2pm

Program Fees: $425

Instructor: Linnane Armstrong

Campers will draw from nature to design their print. They will then carve the design in a woodblock and print copies. Then they will trade prints with other campers prior to binding a handmade book of all the prints. Campers will end the week with a special book of prints, as well as a woodblock that can be used for future prints. Tools are very sharp, so safety will be a focus. During breaks, students will be able to enjoy the wonders of the farm.

 Day 1: Drawing from nature & print planning

 Day 2: Carving

 Day 3: Printing and book cover prep

 Day 4: Bookbinding


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