What we are about

Full Moon Rising Farm has hosted Farm and Wilderness Summer Camps for children since 1997. Located on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State, our 10-acre farm is a combination of forest, field, fenced paddock, pasture, orchard, and gardens.

Children and adults enjoy the magical, rural setting, nestled on the edge of a vast forest between two bays. There is an intricate trail system that allows campers to adventure from farm to lake and everything in between. One of the more popular trails reaches all the way to Double Bluff Beach.

Art, nature, storytelling, gardening, whittling, blacksmithing, yoga, games, and more all come together to teach the value of the environment, the impact of food choices, stewardship of the land, and kinship with animals.


Get to know our team

Our staff grew up when summer meant freedom to just be,
time to lay on our backs and stare at the winds movement in a tree,
when it took all day to decide you would ride to the store and buy an ice cream….

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up through warm meadow
past ducks, goats and sheep
into cool woodland its mystery deep

what will we find there in the greenshadow woods
under the alder
waiting for us? And…

what will we bring that no one else can
when we meet in the forest
to join nature’s plan?

-Esther James 2008

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