Coyote Camp

Best for Ages: 7-11yo

Session 1: July 25th-28th

Session 2: August 15-18

M-Th  10:00am-3:00pm

Program Fees: $400

Coyote’s mastery of teaching wisdom through playfulness and keen observation awaits you.  Immerse your senses in the forest and on the farm, where Coyote and his clan of furry, feathered and scaled friends reside. Gain confidence and new skills as you create your own forest dwelling, mask yourself with mud, and travel by stealth foot through the forest, to the lake, and the nearby ocean. We will learn basic knife skills and make herbal concoctions from local plants. Learn to cook wild nettle, berry pie or bread over a campfire built by you and take some time to linger and ponder the natural world swinging from one of our many hammocks.  Storytelling will commence each day in our Tipi.


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