Diggin’The Earth Ages 4 to 12

Farm Life (ages 6-11): July 1st-4th, July 8th-11th

Songbird (Ages 7-12): July 22nd-25th

Green Arts (ages 5-8): June 17th-20th, June 24th-27th, July 29th-August 1st, August 5th-8th

Dragonfly (ages 4-6): June 25th-27th, July 15th-17th, August 12th-14th

Coyote: June 24-27th (ages 9-12), July 15th-18th (ages 7-11), August 13th-16th (ages 7-11)

Ravens Nest (ages 9 to-16)

Metal and Woodworking (ages 11-16): July 9th-11th, July 16th-18th

Crafty Crows (ages 9-15): July 22nd-25th

Dancing Goat Yoga Camp (girls ages 11-15): August 9th-11th. (Campover on Saturday night)

Printmaking (ages 11-16): June 1st-4th

Hummingbird Camp (ages 9-15): June 17th-20th

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