Dancing Goat Yoga Camp

Best for Girls Ages: 11*-15yo (6th grade or older)

Max 12 campers

August 1st-5th

M-W 10:00am-4:00pm,

Th 10:00 am-Fri 12:00 pm (overnight)

Program Fees: $490

Dancing Goat Yoga Camp empowers girls to shine. Together we will weave a week of activity that honors and nourishes our feminine spirit. Creating a cozy space in our yurt for yoga, art, and meditation we will take the time to slow down. We will venture outside too, finding nourishment in the garden for our home-made lunches, as well as care, feed and walk our goats everywhere!

We may make our own jewelry or create something in the wood shop for our yoga altar.  We will hike to the lake and ocean to swim and have plenty of time to socialize and lounge in our tree hammocks, paint with henna, make herbal products, and tell stories.  Thursday sleepover and campout.


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